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Your Baby Can Read!

Your Baby Can Read!



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Dutch Your Baby Can Read - Deluxe TV Kit

Dutch Your Baby Can Read - Deluxe TV Kit

Price per Unit (Set): AU$199.95 (incl GST)

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The Your Baby Can Read Learning System delivers the tools that will make an incredible difference in your child's life! This system teaches your child whole language and phonics using a combination of sound, sight and interaction. This multi-sensory technique helps a child grasp word recognition - leading to early reading success!

This revolutionary early reading programme encourages infant and toddlers to NATURALLY learn the written word AT THE SAME TIME as they are learning the spoken word.

Imagine the benefits of confidence and increased knowledge as a result of your child learning to read within this window of opportunity!

Long term research shows that children who are taught to read earlier tested at higher levels than children of the same IQ and family background who are taught at a later age.

A US national panel of reading specialists and educators determined that most of the nation's reading problems could be eliminated if they started teaching reading earlier.

As seen on TV this Deluxe TV Kit includes:
  • 5 Your Baby Can Read! Interactive DVDs - Dutch
  • 25 sliding word and picture cards - Dutch
  • 5 wipe-clean word cards - Dutch
  • 1 Non-Toxic Erasable Pen - Dutch
  • 5 lift-a-flap books - Dutch
  • 50 word-game cards - Dutch
  • 82 double-sided word cards - Dutch
  • Parents' Guide - English

Plus 3 FREE gifts:
  • CD full of children's favorite sing-a-long songs
  • 'My First Words' window book - Dutch
  • Early Learning Workshop DVD hosted by Dr. Titzer - English

This item qualifies for free delivery within Australia.

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