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Welcome to Your Baby Can Read.

Based on the research of Robert C.Titzer, Ph.D, Your Baby Can Read! is the first video series in the world designed to help babies, toddlers, and preschoolers learn to read! Having already been featured on programs such as A Current Affair, Today Tonight and 9AM with David and Kim, Your Baby Can Read is gaining the attention of national TV news and other media, as well as thousands of families across Australia and around the world, "Dr. Titzer's multi-sensory reading approach" teaches little ones to recognize words, easily and naturally, using several senses at the same time.

Your child will see the words, hear the words, see images representing the meaning of the words, often perform some physical activity related to the words and hear the words used in context. According to theories on brain development, this multi-sensory reading approach may help new synapses form among the visual, auditory, and somatosensory areas of the brain.These more elaborate connections may provide a better foundation for future learning as well as reach children with visual, auditory, and physical learning styles. Scientific theories also suggest that better quality stimulation creates better quality connections leading to increases in learning and potential IQ.

Your child can learn to read as easily and naturally as he or she learns to talk. Every child is exposed to spoken language from the day they are born. They learn to speak from hearing the spoken language being used around them in a natural way. Most children are not exposed to written language in any consistent way until they go to school. If they are not exposed to it they can not learn it.

We all know some preschool children who can recite scenes from their favourite movie, sing the jingle from an ad or use a swear word with the right tone and in the right context. Why? Because they are exposed to it and so they learn it. Why not expose our children to constructive educational creative content that will not only benefit their development, education and self confidence but can also benefit their career, society, country and perhaps humanity.

Why do you need to teach your baby to read?
  • The most important time to start teaching any language, including reading, is before the age of 3 years.
  • 90% of your childs brain development is complete by the time they are 5 years old.
  • The earlier your child learns to read the better reader they will be.
  • If your child starts school with an advantage they will keep that advantage all the way through school and vice versa.
  • Reading is the most fundamental of social skills required for education, employment, entertainment and social interaction
  • By teaching your child to read using Your Baby Can Read you are not just teaching reading but you are teaching your child the most important skill of all. The ability to learn. No one can know everything but some people have the ability to learn new skills and ideas far easier then others. The earlier this skill is learnt the more of a multiplying effect it has, providing your child with a headstart in all areas of learning.

Our Videos are Different From Other Baby Videos!

Most baby videos were developed to entertain babies with stimulating images and sounds. Our DVDs are interactive and multi-sensory and actually teach important language skills during the child's natural window of opportunity for learning language. Our videos were developed by an infant researcher to specifically teach language skills in a fun, interactive way using young children, animals, songs, and poems. In spite of the names of many of the other baby videos, they were designed to occupy and entertain the baby not to help them learn anything of lasting value. Many parents have told us that their children learned more watching our video one time than months of watching other baby videos. The best part is that our videos are also fun and entertaining, as well as valuable.

How your child will benefit:
  • Helps your child learn to recognise words.
  • Exposes your child to increased spoken language.
  • Stimulates brain development.
  • Makes learning fun and interactive.
  • Encourages early language acquisition.
  • Teaches reading during the window of opportunity for learning language.
  • Entertains your child with in a constructive way using real photos and videos of children, animals, sing-along songs, and poems.

DVD features include:
  • Videos of Babies & Toddlers Reading
  • Parents' Segment
  • Testimonials
  • News Stories
  • Child's Viewing Schedule
  • Word Games
  • Songs and Poems

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