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Your Baby Can Read!

Your Baby Can Read!



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Dr Robert Titzer and his daughter Aleka
Dr Robert Titzer and daughter Aleka

Dr Robert C. Titzer, Ph.D., an educator and researcher in the field of infant learning and father of two beautiful daughters, currently lives in San Diego, CA. A decade ago, Titzer taught in the public schools in Guam and in California after earning his teaching credentials from San Diego State University. Titzer completed a master of science degree from Penn State University and a Ph.D. in Human Performance from Indiana University where he worked in developmental psychology laboratories conducting theoretically important experiments related to infant learning. While a professor at Southeastern Louisiana University, Dr. Titzer's fascinating research on multi-sensory reading during the infant and toddler years captivated the attention of parents, other researchers, and the media.

Dr. Titzer has become a recognizable expert in the area of infant learning and his work has been published in scientific journals -- including the prestigious Psychological Review. He has spoken with thousands of parents around the country and demonstrated fun learning activities that they can do with infants and toddlers to stimulate brain development. Dr. Titzer has appeared on hundreds of TV programs and networks including Good Morning America, MSNBC, CNN, Headline News, CBS This Morning, ABC World News Now, Knowledge TV, Real TV, Parenting Principles (on PBS), and The Learning Channel.

"My daughters learned to read as infants by watching our homemade reading videos. They were often at the babysitter's house or sitting in a highchair eating -- so it didn't take away from any of their other activities. I was so amazed by how easily they learned to read words that I helped develop this videotape so other babies could benefit. Now, other families can share this joy and amazement. Astonishingly, after viewing this video about two times a day for several months, many infants will learn to recognize these words when they see them in books or other locations."
- Robert C. Titzer, Ph.D.


Indiana University
Dissertation Area: Infant Learning and Development
Dissertation Title: Infants’ Understanding of Transparency:
A Reinterpretation of Studies Using the Object Retrieval Task and Visual Cliff
Minor: Statistics
Ph.D. in Human Performance (Defended in September, 1996)

The Pennsylvania State University
Major: Kinesiology
Emphasis in Motor Learning
Master of Science (December, 1990)

San Diego State University
Single Subject Credentials in Math, Physical Education, Social Studies and Speech
Multiple Subject Credentials in Elementary Education (June, 1988)

University of Southern Indiana
Major: Communications
Minor: Physical Education
Bachelor of Science (May, 1985)


Spokesperson (1997-present) - The Infant Learning Company.Creator of fun, stimulating products for infants and toddlers, based on infant research.

Consultant (2006-2007) - Private consultations with parents to craft fun, stimulating environments for babies and toddlers; prepare parents and nannies to provide language-rich settings for infants and toddlers; provide fun, multi-sensory activities for babies and toddlers to help them learn logic, math skills, music, receptive, expressive, and written language.

Speaker (2005-2007) - Paid keynote speaker for corporations, baby expos and conventions.

High School and Middle School Teacher (2000-2004) - San Diego Unified School District. Mathematics teacher at La Jolla High School and mathematics and social studies teacher at Marston Middle School.

Adjunct Faculty Member (1998-2000) - California State University at Fullerton. Instructor of graduate and undergraduate courses in child development and kinesiology.

Assistant Professor (1996-1998) - Southeastern Louisiana University. Director of the Infant Behavior Laboratory; infant researcher; taught undergraduate and graduate motor learning and graduate motor development courses; other faculty duties.

Developmental Training Grant Researcher (1996) - Indiana University. Conducted infant research, trained undergraduates to conduct research, attended and presented studies at seminars and conferences and audited classes.

Visiting Lecturer (1993-1995) - Indiana University. Instructor of motor learning laboratories, teaching methods, coaching, research, and activity classes. Supervisor of associate instructors and teaching assistants. Started the department’s first electronic classroom. Initiated several courses.

Volleyball Club Advisor (1993-1995) - Indiana University. Named Advisor-of-the-Year by the Division of Recreational Sports. Advisor of the women’s team and the men’s team.

Associate Instructor (1991-1993) - Indiana University. Instructor of teaching methods, motor learning laboratories and activity classes.

Middle School Teacher (1991) - Wilson Academy, San Diego, CA. Teacher of mathematics at an inner-city school. Instructed 7th and 8th grade students in algebra and basic math.

College Instructor (1989-1990) - The Pennsylvania State University

High School Teacher (1998) - George Washington High School, Barrigada, Guam.

High School Teacher (1988) - Mira Mesa High School, San Diego, CA.

Elementary School Teacher (1987) - School of Creative/Performing Arts, San Diego, CA


Titzer, R. (in preparation). Learning written language during infancy.

Titzer, R. & Shea, J.B. (in preparation). The effect of learner control on the acquisition and retention of a motor task.

Titzer, R., Thelen, E., & Smith, L.B. (in revision). The developmental dynamics of learning about transparency. Child Development.

Smith, L.B., Thelen, E., Titzer, R., & McLin, D. (1999). Knowing in the context of acting: The task dynamics of the A-not-B error. Psychological Review, 106(2). pp. 141-162.

Titzer, R. (1998). Does the A-not-B error really disappear at age 12 months? (Abstract). Journal of Exercise and Sport Psychology, 17. p. 82.

Titzer, R., & Thelen, E. (1996). The role of experience in infant perceptual-motor learning. (Abstract). Journal of Exercise and Sport Psychology, 17. p. 84.

Titzer, R., Thelen, E., & Smith, L.B. (1995). The effect of experience on the Visual cliff and reaching task. (Abstract). Journal of Exercise and Sport Psychology, 17. p. 82.

Shea, J.B., & Titzer, R.C. (1993). The influence of a reminder on the contextual interference effect. Journal of Motor Behavior, 25 (4), pp. 264-274.

Titzer, R.C., Shea, J.B., & Romack, J. (1993). The effect of experience on the visual cliff and reaching task. (Abstract). Journal of Exercise and Sport Psychology, 15. p. 84.


Titzer, R. (2007, June) The influence of the environment and nutrition on infant
development. Keynote speaker, Raffles Convention Centre, Singapore.

Titzer, R. (2004-2007) Parent workshops. Keynote speaker at baby expos in Brisbane,
Toronto, London, Honolulu, Belfast, Hong Kong, Dublin, Fort Lauderdale, Chicago,
San Diego, Sacramento and Newark.

Titzer, R. (1997-2007) Early learning workshops. Invited speaker at DaimlerChrysler
(nine workshops), University of Sydney, University of Queensland, University of
Western Australia, Victoria University, Usborne Books at Home National Convention,
Dan Marino Center, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (three workshops) and
hundreds of other venues.

Titzer, R. (1998, April). Infant research, public policy, and the media. Invited
panelist for the Presidential Symposium at the International Conference on Infant

Titzer, R. (1998, April). Infants’ and toddlers’ abilities to visually discriminate
written words. Paper presented at the International Conference on Infant Studies,

Titzer, R., & Thelen, E. (1996, June). The role of experience in infant perceptual-
motor learning. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting, North American Society
for Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity, Muskegon, CA.

Titzer, R., Thelen, E. & Smith, L.B. (1995, June). The effect of experience
on visual cliff and reaching task performances. 

Invited speaker at the Presidential Symposium of the International Conference on Infant Studies in Atlanta, GA (April, 1998)

Talked with two U.S. Senators about the importance of early learning (1997-1998)

Outstanding Student Research Award for Motor Development (1996) awarded by the international research society NASPSPA

IU Recreational Sports “Faculty Advisor-of-the-Year” (1994)

Recipient of Indiana University Fellowship (1991-1993)

Tennis Scholarship (1982-1985)

W.E.H.T. Channel 25 Communication Scholarship (1984)


North American Society for Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
International Conference on Infant Studies
Society for Research in Child Development


Good Morning America, Canada AM, Prime Time Morning – Channel News Asia, Channel 5 – UK, UTV – Ireland, A Current Affair – Australia, Good Morning TV – Northern Ireland, David & Kim Show – Australia, The Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times, Baltimore Sun, CNN, ABC World News Now, The Early Show, MSNBC, CBS This Morning, The Parenting Principle (A PBS Documentary), Global TV, British Columbia TV News, The Learning Channel, Knowledge TV, Headline News, Real TV, EXTRA and over 2000 local TV news broadcasts.


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